5 Reasons to Use That Gorgeous Handmade Soap

Quite often I hear from customers that they don't want to use their soap because it is too beautiful. Wow! I am truly flattered, but the soap you have in your possession was carefully formulated to do amazing things for your skin and that little bar desperately wants the chance to do its thing! Don't be a soap hoarder!

Here are five reasons you should actually use that gorgeous River Bend Soap Company soap:

1. I gave this away in the intro, but our soap really is carefully formulated to do great things for your skin. We blend completely natural and environmentally responsible oils and butters with unique properties that all work together to create specific types of lathers, moisturize your skin, deliver nutrients, and have pleasing aromas that evoke a sense of clarity and well-being. Soap is a whole-body experience and you should absolutely use handmade soap that was crafted carefully and lovingly to be the best soap ever.

2. Creating a unique and beautiful looking soap is an art and it entertains we soap makers endlessly; it makes our craft a whole lot of fun. Don't be fooled into thinking that handmade bar of soap is something to be treasured without actually using. We love to make soap and will gladly make as much of it as you can use. Lather up, people, I am desperate to make my next swirly soap sensation!

3. Behind every great bar of soap is another great bar of soap. Aren't you curious about what is next? You won't find out until you use what you have and then buy some more! Of course I want to sell you as much soap as I can, but I want you to love it, too! I want you to enjoy each delightful bubble, to get a jump start on your day because you used something infused with good-will and happiness, to feel great about knowing your soap wasn't mass produced by chemists maximizing profit for a corporate monolith. (The CEO of which probably uses handmade soap!)

4. You can make special requests for changes or other formulations, but you won't know what changes to ask for until you try that lovely little hunk of soapilicious goodness. Maybe you love the soap itself but aren't wild about the scent, maybe you prefer mango butter over shea butter, or you loved the scent so much you tried to eat the soap and want to know if I can make an edible version. I can't, for the record, and you should never eat soap!. Aside from the eating part, you won't know if you don't try.

5. It hurts to think you are missing out on treating yourself with that gorgeous, swirled, layered, heavenly scented, nutrient packed bar of true soap in favor of a factory-produced "beauty bar" that doesn't reflect the care you should take on your own gorgeous skin. Don't skimp when it comes to soap. Yes, handmade soap does cost more than the family 12-pack of "beauty bars", but it isn't because it looks fancy, it is because it is made from top quality, food grade oils and butters that are safe for use on your skin because before they turned into soap, it was perfectly okay to eat them.

I am done writing this now because there is a new bar of an amazing soap waiting in the shower. I am going to try it out before I share it with you; every batch is personally tested by me before a single bar of the batch is sold. I think it is going to be my best yet, but I think that with every single batch!

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